How to get a gay guy to like you

There are many gay teens experiencing unrequited love in the form of a straight, or even gay, crush.

How to Get a Gay Guy to Like You

For example, there was one teen who expressed interest in a boy at his school named Mitchell. Mitchell is two years older than him, and he's starting to fall in love with him. He finds Mitchell to be cute, and because they hang out frequently and watch movies together, his desire for Mitchell to like him back grows. It's a tough situation to be in. There's no real way to make someone like you romantically if that isn't how they feel.

However, a good first step is to try to find out if your crush is gay or straight. So even if you bluntly asked him, it's important to be aware that you might not get the truth. He may or he may not return your feelings, but asking him or having a friend ask him is truly the only way to find out. Of course, you could still tell him how you feel. However, you should be prepared for a few different reactions if you do.

In this scenario, it's possible that he'll be flattered, interested, or even looking to experiment. On the other hand, he could also be freaked out and uncomfortable. Because we live in a world with varying degrees of homophobia, some straight guys feel threatened when gay guys are interested in them.

Is that the kind of relationship that you want? Unless you live for drama, it's probably best to find yourself a straight guy instead. You'll save yourself a lot of trouble. Once you've exhausted every possibility, it's time to get over it. He's gay. There's nothing you can do.

The best way to get over someone is to move on quickly to someone else! This is especially true if there was never anything between you in the first place. Since you really liked this guy, though, why not ask about his straight friends? People who are a lot alike tend to hang out together. Maybe you can find an attractive guy with a similar personality who is actually into women. Instead of sulking over what could have been, be happy that you at least have a friendship with a great guy who could possibly be useful for your love life in other ways.

A lot of the women I've known who consistently fall in love with gay men often simply have a problem of a bad "technique" for picking up guys. For example, many women with this problem hang out at gay clubs all the time. No wonder they never seem to find a guy who is into them! Even if a straight man is wandering the halls of your favorite gay bar, he might seem unattractive compared to his better-dressed, impossibly ripped gay counterparts--so you might not even notice him.

If this is the case for you, I suggest making a conscious effort to visit places that are primarily for heterosexual people.

How to Get a Gay Guy to Like You

Try out some speed dating or hang out at a straight club. If straight clubs are too bothersome for you because you don't like getting hit on It's true that sexual orientation is more fluid than most people think. Having said that, though, you're much better off not waiting around for some guy who is clearly not attracted to women. This is easier said than done, though, so read this article about how to get over a crush if your feelings seem too persistent. In the mean time, leave a comment below if you're struggling with this.

Your story might help someone else in the same situation. Maybe he's gay and still wants to date a woman for whatever reason. It could be anything. My year-old daughter is best friends with a young man who is gay. They have a beautiful friendship and have enhanced each other's life, but he wants to live with her after high school. I am confused and don't know how I should approach this as a mother.

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Any advice? There's nothing wrong with best friends living together; it's a time-honored tradition, and she'll probably have a lot of fun. And if it turns out that he's actually bi and likes her in "that way," I don't see the problem, either.

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  • As long as he continues to enhance her life as you say, you probably don't need to do anything to interfere. If you did, you would probably just breed needless resentment from the both of them. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites.

    I fell in love with my best friend who is gay. I didn't notice because I was already hurting myself to do some dumb ship. Ya know like you like these two people and want them to get together that's what I did. My friends knew that he is gay but I didn't. So a few days back my friends told me he was gay I was already dying from the ship but it hurt even more that I actually like him. I don't think they know that I liked him and it fricking sucks you wanna know why it has been three years since I had fallen in love.

    On that same day he had a friend over a guy right and I wanted to meet the guy but he left because he got sick.

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    I still went to his house he had another girl over we lit things on fire it was dumb but that is what some dumb middle school students are like. It was fun.

    But before that I had forgotten that he was gay that day. He confessed I knew something bad was going to happen but I gave up. He said are you sad because your ship won't sail. I said yes but in reality I was heart broken. I won't let them know that I fell for him. Now I will stay away from him it's not because he is gay it's because I don't want to get hurt even more.

    The only reason why there was the ship in the first place was because I didn't want them to know that I like him. This is why I hate love I always get hurt somehow. Now I hate that I love him. I want to get rid of the feeling as fast as I can but can I really do that. We are just 8th graders right now so I don't think it will hurt as much now or in the future. I'm always being the only girl in a group of gay guy friends. Knowing very well that it is totally impossible to have any sexual or romantic relationship with them, i still love them like family members. During my birthday, all of them gave me surprises after surprises and one of them even planned and execute a surprise that even all of my ex would never do for me.

    I was totally shocked and i guess i started to fall for him. And here i am, regretted. I have a gay friend who I liked before and I told him but he rejected me in a nice way. But before he dated a girl but now he likes anew guys although he thinks of me as a sister and I love him like a brother could it be possible that he is bi or we just love each other as kind of "siblings.

    There's this thing that i want to forget, when i met him i really thought that he was a straight guy. With that, i stalked him and all his social media accounts but eventually, my heart got broken. He is gay and he proves it to others. Once, i am against his will and if he do girly things i will hit him although i know that's bad but he just laugh like crazy. I asked him to do manly things but he failed,he even try to say "hi miss" to me, and yupp it was so manly like i am about to turn red. I actually have too deep feelings for this gay man He always wants to comfort me when I'm scared and also just laugh when I do hilarious things, I almost forgot that he's gay because he always hold my hand and even sing for me some songs that make me completely fall for him.

    I don't know how to confess, there was this time that I am angry and I shouted at him life ohmyGod what did I do?? I shouted at him because it was my period, menstruation came up. I didn't even talk to him whole day but when I got home he asked me on chat "Are you angry? The truth is, I accept him by who he is, I am not against his possession towards straight guys.

    I just love him. I have a big crush on a gay man. And he knows, I thought he was just being charming because he knows I will never turn him down since I like him. But one day I decided I gave up the feelings and stay away from him so I could move on easily. And that's when he started to always look for me, check me out, ask my friends about me and it confused me a hell lot.

    When Loving Gay Men is a Problem

    He seemed very into me now, but I am still unsure because everybody knows he is gay and he liked guys before. I swear I did my best to stay away from him but whenever I am about to get used to it without him, he will find his way back to me. I don't know what to do.

    Discuss This!

    Please help. I am in a relationship with a gay man and it is working. We are open and honest with one another. Our sex life is different than most hetero couples and we use toys.