Gay matchmaking singapore

Mingle in groups for locals, expats, young adults, single parents… you name it. Meetup, available online. Disheartened by being catfished by duds on other dating apps? The team behind Lunch Actually brings you a dating app that promises to match you with quality finds. Esync, available online. FYI, the Singapore government is concerned about your love life too. And no, this is not just for locals; everyone is welcome. The SDN was set up to encourage social interaction among singles, with activities like trips to neighbouring islands, dinners, and even a journey through a VR escape room!

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One to help marketing, the other to do Fengshui matching of couple and I do all the necessary arrangment including interview and stuff Maybe i can put in the capital and you contribute the business idea. We're basically doing a social service by helping gay men to find their life partners, encouraging responsible and commited relationships, cutting down on casual sex, and preventing lonely gay men from luring innocent straight women into loveless and sexless marriages.

Actually ALL men are hard-wired by mother nature to spread their seed far and wide. But love makes some men go against mother nature and stay true and faithful. The match-making agency will help similar-minded gay men find one another.

LGBTQ groups in Singapore

How can there be a gay match making agency in Singapore when same sex marriage is not recognise in this country by law? I think some of the workshops and activities for the gay community are semi-functioning as a matchmaking service.

If you haven't, I've got exciting news for you because your luck may just be about to change for the better. Do check out http: Private Pursuits is Singapore's first confidential dating service exclusively for the members of the LGBT community who prefer to keep their love lives a personal affair.


They won't forsee that having partner will help single stays healthy, happy and vibrant. In future, there will be more single gay people isolated by society, no help, no assistant and no nothing. This govt admitted has no foresight.

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They rather have SA to penalise gay people and encourage them to remain sexless, single and lonely. And more aids too. A group of them will in turn go to seedy places to have causal hook ups and flings to seek fleeting solace in the company of random strangers to fill up that emotional void in their soul.

Give people a chace to understand life and have the courage to embrace love instead of sealing their true needs away. We have offered memberships at discounted rates to members who were not in a strong financial situation at that point. We'll be privileged to have you come on board, and offer a discount if you too are facing financial hardships.

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Here's a look at some LGBTQ groups near Singapore.

Report post. Posted February 4, There are matchmaking service for the straight people. But there aren't any for gay in Singapore.

Lee Hsien Loong's views on gay marriage

If there is one, will you join? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted February 5, I will try my luck on it. Grindr not enough? Other channels flooded with people looking fun and casual sex.

LGBTQ groups in Singapore - Meetup

Guest A calling. Guest businessman. Guest Guest. I second this proposal!